Thursday, January 9, 2014

Catching up with time...

This year after much excuses I gave my self , I decided to jump start my blogging. My last post was at 2009. To my understanding, only 5 people actually read my blog, its not a big loss" boo hoo". Yes , I got into flying school in Melaka, complete in 2 years and yes unemployed just like the balance 1432 other P.I.L.O.T.S...ill update about that sometime soon. For now ill just give you a brief update of what I have been doing so far. I am currently pursuing a diploma in management. Working for a outsourcing telco company which by law I am not to mention. Working as a management intern, being moved from one department to another to experience all the various tasks in about a month ish per department... On my way to work this morning was a drama by itself. Normally I take the morning train to work say about 7.40 am,(my train journey is about 1 hour) and it was full before even it reached my departing station...Adding pain to insult, the more the people, the more one gets squashed. Initially it seemed that the train was as full as cattle confined to a place. By the time i reached my destination, I was compacted to the size of a tuna in a can. To be precise, squashed tuna.  I guess thats how a tuna feels when its pressed into a can...I have never been so tired to come to work , but there is allways a first for averything. Regardless, thats all I have for now to type....the day is young. So long for now...=)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One of the Interesthing things in my life

Ever wondered what is it like to fly like the bird?Not to fast yet satisfying?I had the privilege of doing so a week ago.This is an inside of how a holiday pilot flys.Waking up in the morning at 6.00 was so different then the rest of the days.I had a dream that i was going to fly a week later but it was actually that Sunday morning.Walking to the bathroom and brushing ,my teeth,shaving and taking my shower seems forever.In my heart I was wondering how would my first flight be like.Although my good friend of mine (Muhaimin) and I flew the A320 simulator in AirAsia,this was different.For 1. AirAsia's experience was in a simulator. 2. Its a real Plane this time.But I thought to my self and told my self in the mirror "I have flew a A320 simulator well and I have worked my ass off to get to where I am currently .I have to face my fears or I will never will" and it motivated me for the time being.Taking "Helga" (my GPS) which was programed to terminal 3 in Subang to meet up the captain who will be flying with me.As my dad was driving down to airport, with mum next to dad ,bro and myself at the back seat and I saw the Sky's which was in a perfect condition.As we arrived at Terminal 3 dad called the captain and we met him minuts later.He told us that we had to follow him to the private jet hanger where my flight awaits me.Then the captain took us to the the aircraft where he explained to me how to go about on how to use the check list,how to check if there is water in the fuel, which heading is the aircraft going to take off and what heading are we going to land, Whats the runway we are using, what is our flight path and so on and so forth.In my heart I felt that I was in my own world and he asked me some questions which were relevant to flying which I manage to answer to my best.I felt confidant and prepared to fly until to me a bomb shell fell.He brought this thing called a Survival Kit.Do u know that when ever you get the gut feeling that something is going to happen and u give that blank look?I had that look.If u seen the 1st birthday pic I gave the "look" .My mum noticed it very well (you know mums).She knew I was starting to panic.It made my day in the wrong way.I was already thinking in my heart that I m going to die.But then I told my self again I have to face it now or ill never will.And so I did.I went in the aircraft. I put my seat belt on and doors closed tight.Captain requested ATC(Air Traffic Control) to turn on engine and he thought me how to brake, taxi and turn and all.The fear just went of when we were taxing.Then came the fun part.The Take Off.I was not allowed to take off because I am not a PPL holder.Hell with that, I had good views as we took off.After we took off ,captain gave me control and I was flying now holding the yoke.He told me to do a heading 010 and I did a heading 010 and a turn to heading 330, I did a heading 330.while we did that, we went above Damansara, then Subang then near to Kuala Lumpur and some other places.Since we are not flying IFR (Instrument Flight Rating), we were VFR (Visual Flight Rating) we flew low about 1500 feet, he thought me how to check if the aircraft was going to hit something and stuf.We did a little stunt here and there.And then came the most Exciting part.The Landing.He told me that I was going to align the aircraft for the landing.And so I did.He told me to turn and descend and it was going according to plan.Then I saw the Papi lights.Captain Explained to me that this Papi lights is to guide the aircraft to land safely on the runway.He told me that if all 4 light are white the aircraft is too high and if the lights are all 4 were red the aircraft is too low.What the pilots should do is to maintain the 2 red lights and 2 white lights as they approch till the aircraft is confirmed above the runway.Once it is confirmed that the aircraft is above the runway the, papi lights can be ignored.He also told me that once you have extended the flaps, we have to increase power to avoid a stall or a fall because the flaps role is to lower the speed of the plane.He alos did mentioned that the flaps must be deployed below the speed limits.I had experienced the most softest landing in my life.It was that smooth.At that time I was still in the dissbelive state that I flew an aircraft, that I told the captain that the landing was smooth.I could still remember him saying "Its not only smooth ,it is perfect"then I taxied back to the hanger where my family awaited me for my arrival. After Captain requested ATC to turn off the engine he off-ed it after he got the approval to do so.I got down and so did he and I had a smile in my face that could not wipe out for sometime (It lasted a day).Dad asked the captain, how was my flight and all and he told that I could be on the next flight (that is if I have the PPL) .Other then that I belive that I am well prepared to continue my journey to become an airline pilot in the near future.Till the next storey.Have a great day and enjoy life the positive way for it is not permanent. Good day.

This is me with the Computer

My family and myself

This is me and the captain

This is me in the Cockpit

This is my younger brother (Aldrich) and myself with the helicopter behind me

Monday, July 27, 2009

Pics of me as a kid :D

The gals ,mum and me :D
My self and a Nice Flight attendant

My self and mum

Dad holding me ,Mum and Captain Tampati.This pic was take while we were on our way
to Auckland, New Zealand

My dad holding me

Captain Tampati holding me :D

Mum and me when I it was Christmas

Mum and dad on holiday

Me on my sports day when I was a kindergartner

My first Birthday pic

I loved my car that's why I hugged it and also i needed something to hold to stand :P

Me when i was 3 months old

Mmmmmm Too young for driving eh...
Well not for me....... :P

Lets Start of small

In my life I have never written a diary. All I say now is based on memories which are very memorable to me. Some may be painful, silly and good. Yet we call them memories. I was born in to a loving couple which happens to be my parents now: P (duh) .Mum a typical house wife and dad in the most exciting job that my dad never dreamed of getting in his life time. Flight Attendant. How many people could tell this almost every day, “I had tea in London, then Brake first in Kuala Lumpur and coffee in Sydney”. Mum on the other hand loves to travel too, so whenever dad goes on very long flights he would take her and meet new adventures abroad.4 years later I came in to the picture on the 14th December 1989 on a Tuesday noon. A month before I was born my dad took a month’s leaf (holiday) so that he would be there when I was born. To my aunts surprise my mum was not afraid of giving birth, though it was the first time for her pregnancy. On the 13th midnight my mum felt some pains and thought I was due. They ran to the clinic and it turns out to be a false alarm but mum was kept for observation about 4 hours and was allowed to go home. After getting back home dad decided that it’s time for all to have a good rest, not knowing what lies ahead. Around 7.00 in the morning on the 14th mum got her pains again and this time it was serious. My dad and uncle rushed to the clinic again with mum and this time I was due to be out but there was a problem. My head was too big to fit in the pelvic bone and my mum’s doctor was forced to operate me out. (Well as the say better out the front then the back): P and there I was out breathing doing all the baby stuff and all. My mum told me that she saw my dad let out his tears as he was holding me in his arms and for her it was her first time seeing him does so. She asked him if I had 2 arms, legs and all the body parts were correct and stuff. You know mothers.2 days later my mum made sure she was back home and yes she did. Normally ladies after delivering would be stuck in bead for days mum walked and proved the doctor wrong. In the end I was home. My parents told me I pissed on dad twice when I was a baby (duh).When my parents were in Hawaii, they were in a store where they found a book which says names for babies. As they went through the book, they found a name which was up to their liking for me which is Hansel that simply means in Scandinavian is "A gift from God" Aananth in Tamil means "Happiness" and Boss the family name.6 weeks later my dad had his first long flight to Auckland which was about a weeks stay. My dad was reluctant to leave me at home so my dad decided to take my mum and myself to Auckland. Grandma was opposing telling that I was still 2 months old and should not do some things which are superstitious. My dad told he could handle it and so did mum. And on 14th of February I took my first flight to Auckland and landed on the 15th on my dad’s birthday. It was also the first time I have entered the Cockpit of a DC10-30 which was one of the most glorious and luxury Aircraft of its time. Little did i know that someday I would be so interested to become an airline pilot. My parents always reminded me of this moment by showing me the photograph taken. I was still wondering what those blinking gadgets are surrounding me in the cockpit, the captain told my father that one day I will be sitting on this seat.According to my parents we went down all the way to Rotorowa (correct me if I am wrong).There was this stewardess whom took care of me and made sure my parents had a good holiday but my parents again were feeling empty in them when I was not around worried if I was ok or crying and all the other baby stuff that babies do. So they tried their best to keep me with them. Well to all parents their kids are diamonds even though they are naughty and stuff. And that was about it. We came home in one peace (me mostly :P) and the story of me ends here for now till the next episode.

The Start of a new Begining..........(its my first so dont boo me)

Hi there and welcome to my blog.A good friend recomende me to start of my own blog to tell about my life to the world.I do hope it will be interesting and good in the coming years.Do feel free to coment and ask logical questions but every thing has a limit.So Now Welcome to my blog.I Haansel Ananth Boss proudly presents The opening of "Been here Done That".