Thursday, January 9, 2014

Catching up with time...

This year after much excuses I gave my self , I decided to jump start my blogging. My last post was at 2009. To my understanding, only 5 people actually read my blog, its not a big loss" boo hoo". Yes , I got into flying school in Melaka, complete in 2 years and yes unemployed just like the balance 1432 other P.I.L.O.T.S...ill update about that sometime soon. For now ill just give you a brief update of what I have been doing so far. I am currently pursuing a diploma in management. Working for a outsourcing telco company which by law I am not to mention. Working as a management intern, being moved from one department to another to experience all the various tasks in about a month ish per department... On my way to work this morning was a drama by itself. Normally I take the morning train to work say about 7.40 am,(my train journey is about 1 hour) and it was full before even it reached my departing station...Adding pain to insult, the more the people, the more one gets squashed. Initially it seemed that the train was as full as cattle confined to a place. By the time i reached my destination, I was compacted to the size of a tuna in a can. To be precise, squashed tuna.  I guess thats how a tuna feels when its pressed into a can...I have never been so tired to come to work , but there is allways a first for averything. Regardless, thats all I have for now to type....the day is young. So long for now...=)

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